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Personal Experiences

This is how women feel when sexually harassed. Read about others’ experiences and share your own.

9 Responses to “Personal Experiences”

  1. 41 year old woman Says:

    Aap Beeti

    One evening, before sunset, I was walking on the pavement on
    Shanti Path with a friend. I was the one closer to the road. Suddenly I felt something touching me very roughly and then groping for my breast. Before I realized what had happened, the “thing” had moved away. The “thing” was a man on a cycle. I was initially shocked and then very angry but I could do nothing as he had cycled away. I then felt dirty and violated.

    This happened twenty-one years ago when I was twenty. I did not see the “thing” coming as he was cycling in the same direction that I was walking. My way of avoiding such incidents was to walk on the side of the road where I could see the traffic coming towards me instead of behind me. To date I walk on the streets of Delhi on the side where I can see “things” coming.

  2. Chitra Says:

    I was going back home from work. It had been a long day and I was tired. I got a seat on the bus and closed my eyes. Some time later, I felt someone sit down on the seat next to me. Even without opening my eyes, I knew that this someone was a man. Was it the way that a person sits that we can instinctively tell whether it is a man or a woman? I opened my eyes and sat up straighter. Suddenly, I felt his thigh touching my leg; I gathered my body closer to myself. Then his hand started moving on my leg. I grabbed his hand and pushed it away saying, “Sit properly. Keep your hands to yourself”. He said, “I am keeping my hands to myself, what is your problem?”. I said, “You are creating the problem here”. By now, other people on the bus started looking their way, and warned him to behave himself. The man slunk away and got off the bus.

  3. Meher Says:

    I am a fourteen year old from Delhi. I and my friend Veena were on our way to the movies. We were both chattering excitedly and were quite oblivious to our surroundings that day. Suddenly, we heard the sound of a horn honking loudly right behind us. We turned and were struck dumb with embarrassment. Veena started sobbing in anguish. The man had opened his zip and was flashing at us.

  4. Rajneesh Saran Says:

    It is horrible-i know so many women who have been victims-We need to bring an end to this. Let’s unite and tackle them. Do join the Safe Delhi Campaign by Jagori and the BLANK NOISE Project-with such inititiatives we can put an end to this problem.

  5. Rajneesh Saran Says:

    Do join the safe delhi campaign by Jagoriu and BLANK-with such inititiatives we can put an end

  6. Rajneesh saran Says:

    Kindly update me on the campaign

  7. AC Says:

    8 years ago, when I was 13, I was groped at New Delhi railway station. I’d been separated from my parents and, in all the confusion, I was too scared to react. I just fled from there and found my parents…I was just a kid and no one had told me about things like what had just happened to me. Luckily for me, two young men had seen what had happened. They followed me to our car and told me that they’d caught the man and beaten him up. They had then alerted the guard on duty. They told me that the one thing I should never do is remain silent…they said that whatever happened, I should always make a noise and attract attention…silence would only allow perverts to continue unchecked. I don’t know who those men where and I’ve never met them again, but I’m ever so grateful to them. While that incident shocked me deeply – I was barely 13; it was pretty traumatizing – it also gave me hope. If every bystander behaved like those two men did, India would be a much better place.

  8. Rajeev Narayan Says:

    In the year 2006, when I came to Delhi from Varanasi (UP)- I commented a woman on her ‘high heels’. She turned back, stared and said, “Do you want that (high heels)?”. I felt bad, not because she was blunt but because I had a ‘discomfort’. For the first time in my life I had really realized how bad it hurts when someone comments! It affects girls and women badly. We need to build an environment which causes ‘DISCOMFORT’ in men who do such acts. But I must say, it affects a man as well…Its inappropriate and intolerable too…I now, advocate for a safer place for girls, woman, and everyone. I admit, there has been a positive change in me and I am proud to be a sensitive man who cares, shares and ensure the well being of girls and women.

  9. neera Says:

    its a recent thing which happened to two small girls 1 is of age 10 or 1 is of age 12……both were standing near dere house and talking to each other.suddenly a boy came on a bike.i was in kitchen n had a look over dat boy he looks decent n den i again engaged myself wid my work.suddenly dat boy went close to the girls and asked them for a chemist shop and that guy show his sexual part to the girls.the girls at first dont know how to react and then i shouted from inside and he ran away…..seriously at that time i got traumatized nt able to react.and then i told my dad ,brother everyone around me and i warn dose little girls to not tell anyone adress or anything.isn’t it really wrong????seriously these kinds of activities when ever i i got to know really pissed me off………….but i am helpless………….i discussed this thing while doing a course on gender and society,delhi university with my teacher.n what she told me is damn shockin for me she told me that she herself become victim of this kind of activity………..nt in india but somewhere else………………….so this is also a problem.i need to know what we can do against these kind of nuisance.

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